Ramén Service


Jan Andersson, Ramén Service

Ramén Service provides high level services for assembly, maintenance, repair and troubleshooting of Industrial Control Valves and Regulators on-site or in our workshop. With more than 30-years of experience in the field of industrial components and processes, Ramén Service can provide the industry with unique experience and qualified technicians to make sure your commitments are always the highest priority. Ramén Service provides full responsibility for all parts of the life cycle for your control valves and regulators, making sure your process components Life Cycle Cost are always optimized.

Ramén Service offers specialist support for pneumatic and electrical actuators as well as any positioner of any brand or manufacturer. In our mechanical workshop we can adapt any process component to fit any requirement. Ramén Service is a flexible and mobile organization that can be on-site anywhere at anytime. Let us know what you need!

  • Assembly/Troubleshooting/Repair on site or in the workshop
  • Pneumatic, electrical or hydraulic actuators
  • Positioners from any manufacturer; 4-20 mA, 0-5V, 3-15 psi, Profibus etc.
  • Service contracts for Reliability Centered Maintenance
  • Rapid response
  • Workshop for adaptation
  • Flexible and mobile for any assignment
  • We hold certification for SSG Entre

Ramén Service – Assembly

The most cost effective and flexible solution to temporary peaks in your production or when specific competence is necessary to fulfil your commitments towards your customer is to use Ramén Service technical team. Ramén Service can make necessary competence available on short notice regardless of geographical location. We manage all types of assembly and quality assurance procedures with highly skilled and experienced technicians. Ramén Service gives you the control over costs for agency staff to keep your sales margin to budget.

  • Assembly of pneumatic and electrical actuators
  • Assembly of digital, electro-pneumatic and pneumatic positioners
  • Testing and troubleshooting of control valves and regulators
  • Design, produce and assemble mounting kits
  • Perform documentation, packaging and shipping routines

Ramén Service – Installation

Ramén Service makes the installation of your control valves and regulators on site and makes sure the installation is safe and reliable. With our knowledge in mechanics, electrical installations and process control we can make the job all the way on time. Ramén Service will remove the need for costly hours for phone support and other start-up problems, we make sure your process is up and running on time. Ramén Service tracks the process and documents everything in words and pictures, minimizing your efforts for internal documentation.

  • Installing Control Valves and Regulators
  • Welding and mechanical processing on-site
  • Adapt process components

Ramén Service – On-site Service

When the timing is essential, and a production stop means huge losses, Ramén Service on-site Service will minimize consequences of a Control Valve failure. Ramén Service can be on-site quickly whenever, wherever to minimize the impact of any problem that may occur. Control Valves and Regulators are critical to process optimization and a failure can have huge negative financial impact, Ramén Service can mitigate the problem at hand and optimize profitability at every given moment.

  • Emergency call-outs
  • Flexible and mobile
  • Spare parts on stock

Ramén Service – Contract Service

Ramén Service offers contractual service where the focus is optimization of Life Cycle Cost for your process. We will assure everything from installation to maintenance to replacements are done according to best practice and to lowest cost. Ramén Service have no standard agreements, everything is based on your process needs and requirements. With a contractual service agreement between your business and Ramén Service your process is always secured.

  • Always highest priority
  • Predictable cost
  • Optimized process reliability